Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Shared Hosting?
    Shared web hosting services are amongst the most popular types of web hosting, primarily because they are extremely affordable.
    Shared web hosting provides the plan holder with access to a small part of a web server that is used by hundreds of other web sites.
    These powerful web servers are split into partitions that are allocated to the web hosting customers.
    As a shared web hosting plan holder you have access to a set amount of server resources.
    However, if you need to exceed these limitations then resources are pulled from other partitions on the network to accommodate your needs.
    Although this process may sacrifices performance and page loading times, it gives you the ability to have unlimited plan features such as bandwidth and disk space.
    Shared hosting is a very unique web hosting type that usually costs less than any other kind of web hosting plan.
    Many webmasters get their first bit of web hosting experience by purchasing and using a shared web shoring plan.
    Shared hosting is essentially a type of hosting configuration in which a single web server is used to power hundreds of web sites that are owned by different webmasters, hence the term “shared” hosting.
    Web server configurations can have a great impact on the way web sites perform, especially when the site beings to grow and experience high levels of traffic.
    Even though shared web hosting is a less comprehensive service, it is enough to run a basic web site and receive internet training with.
    In fact, most experts recommend starting out with shared web hosting in order to learn in a comfortable and affordable hosting environment, before moving on to more advanced solutions.
    If you are planning on getting started as a webmaster then you may want to consider shared web hosting as your first web hosting plan.
    What are the benefits for Shared Hosting?
    The most apparent benefit of shared hosting is the strikingly low cost associated with most shared hosting accounts. In fact, some shared hosting plans cost as little as $3 per month, which is incredibly affordable, especially considering the amount of server resources that are allocated to each hosting account.
    As hundreds of sites can be hosted on a shared web server simultaneously, it becomes an incredibly profitable situation for the hosting company and the hosting account holder.
    If you are trying to maintain a strict monthly budget then you may want to consider shared web hosting for your next internet endeavor.
  • What is a VPS hosting? VPS web hosting is one of the most popular kinds of hosting available, most likely because it offers a perfect balance between affordability and professional functionality.
    VPS is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server, which describes the web server configuration.
    Web servers are powerful computers that serve information to web pages so that it can be accessed by visitors around the world.
    When a visitor views one of your web pages they are actually downloading content directly from your web server.
    A virtual private server is simply a section of a web server that is devoted solely to your web site.
    VPS hosting is a mixture of shared hosting (the most affordable kind of hosting) and dedicated hosting (the most powerful kind of web hosting).
    Many people confuse shared hosting with VPS hosting because both types involve splitting a server into partitions for use amongst multiple hosting plans.
    However, unlike shared web hosting, VPS hosting does not place any restrictions or limitations on the kinds of software that can be used on the web server partition.
  • What is a domain name ? Domain names are much like VIN number of a vehicle, there are no two that are exactly the same.
    Domain names are the identity cards of the Internet, representing the face of each website.
    In basic terms, a domain name is simply the name of your web site. However, behind each domain name is a process that turns a local web address into a word or phrase that anyone can use to access your site from around the world.
    Domain name is a phrase or even just a word that people input in their browsers to be pointed directly to a specific web site.
    Domain names actually originate as the IP address of your website, which is a number that appears in the following syntax – or 77.77.777.77.
    A domain name is perhaps one of the most important part of any website, because it is ultimately what the visitor will remember when they try to return to the site.
    The ideal domain name is short, memorable and contains no dashes and/or numbers.
  • What is an IP Address ? IP addresses are used to uniquely identify a website or computer.
    Any device that is connected to the internet is automatically assigned an IP address.
    IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is simply the practice through which data is transmitted over the internet.
    When a computer or web server is connected to a network it is given an IP address that separates it from all other devices on the network.
    An IP address is a string of numbers separated by dots that appear in the following format –
    If you are connected to the internet right now then you have an IP address assigned to you. IP address are crucial to internet communication because they dictate where a request for information is sent to.
    For example, if a web site visitors your site and clicks on a button, information is sent from their IP address to your web server.
    In order to return the proper information the web server will need to know the IP address of your computer.
  • What is a DNS ? Domain Name System is responsible for the allocation of domain names and traffic direction based on URLs in the address bar of the web browser.
    The Domain Name System is the largest database in the world, containing information about every web site in existence.
    There are currently more than 350 million unique active domains on the Internet.
    Web sites are identified by the IP address of their server and/or server partition.
    However, an IP address is a number, which is far more difficult to remember than a simple phrase.
    In order to convert the IP address of a web site into a memorable phrase that is the domain name, a DNS server is needed.
  • What is SSL ? SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a security protocol used to protect data as it is transmitted between devices on the Internet.
    SSL certificates indicate the presence of this technology being used by a website. Most online shoppers will not shop at your site unless you have an SSL certificate.
  • What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting are scalable cPanel hosting solutions on an enterprise-grade cloud platform.
    Cloud hosting launches in minutes and scales quickly up and down as needed for traffic fluctuations or workload requirements.
    Best of all, the servers are highly reliable with redundant hardware and high availability built in.
    These plans also tend to be more expensive but give you the best scalability, flexibility, agility, and cost-efficiency.
  • What is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosting is essentially a way for you to purchase hosting resources from us in bulk and then to re-sell those resources directly to your clients.
    You can set limitations on disk space, bandwidth, email usage, and other features on a per-package or per-site basis.
    We provide a completely managed service from a technical perspective - the server space, hosting resources and support come from us and you are responsible for supporting your end-user clients.
    You can even brand your clients' cPanels with your own logo for a super professional image.
    But reseller hosting isn’t just for web designers, agencies and start-up hosting companies - it’s also a great option if you run a lot of websites personally.
    Because you have access to WHM, you can create each site with its own separate cPanel.
    This means each site or client gets their own login to manage their own hosting settings, isolating them completely from other users on the same server or under your account.
    This improves site performance and resiliency from malware attacks.
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  • What Is Your Money-Back Guarantee? We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try our web hosting and if for any reason you decide it doesn't suit your needs, we'll give you a full refund – no questions asked.
  • Can I Easily Transfer My Existing Domain? Yes. Transfer your domain to us and we'll even extend your renewal date by a year – or you can update your nameserver to point to our nameservers. It's that easy!"
  • How Fast Is Your Cloud Hosting Service? We’re well known for the speed of our web hosting. Our team is constantly developing new features.
  • Can I Get A Free SSL Certificate? Some our packages comes with the ability to install a free SSL certificate on your website right away.